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Over the years there have been storylines and scenes which the BBC deemed unsuitable for its daytime slots. Storylines such as Glen and Lucy committing incest, Billy and Melissa’s attempts to have sex and Danni's pregnancy scare are all storylines that the BBC edited out. Large edits such as these meant episodes had to be merged. Campaigns were lead by fans in 1998 and 2002 for UK Gold (who repeat the show) to show these storylines fully uncut.

The 1998 campaign paid off, and the Glen and Lucy storyline was shown on the channel uncut. UK Gold later returned to the edited versions of the show and many minor edits that were made by the Beeb were shown on the channel.

In January 2002 fans started a new campaign in which e-mails and phone calls were made to UK Gold asking them to show the upcoming Billy and Melissa and Danni and Mal storylines uncut. To fans' delight, Steven North, UK Gold’s Head of Programming, made this statement in February 2002:

"We have in the past played the BBC edited versions of the soap, however our compliance department has been looking at the original tapes to see whether or not the storylines you mentioned are now suitable for the daytime audience. I am pleased to say that with the exception of one small edit, due to a language issue, we feel that we can now transmit the unedited versions of Neighbours. This will come into effect from March. We are now looking at all future episodes of Neighbours and will play them in their unedited state. I obviously cannot guarantee that there will be no future edits made to the series, however we will endeavour to play them as they were originally made wherever possible."

This section shows you just some of the edits made by the BBC.


Episode 2472

Scene 4 - Danni is angry with the Ramsay Street residents (440K)
Scene 9- Danni and Mal discuss contraception in the coffee shop (1264K)
Scene 12 - Angie gives Danni and Mal a hotel gift voucher (2098K)


Episode 2474

Scene 1 - Danni turns to her mother for advice about contraception (1850K)

Scene 2 - Billy invites Melissa around to his place (1350K)
Scene 8 - Billy wants Libby to leave to give him privacy with Melissa (1200K)
Scene 9 - Danni has second thoughts about leaving home (1200K)
Scene 10 - Melissa arrives at Billy's and they head to the bedroom (898K)
Scene 13 - Billy and Melissa decide to go all the way (811K)
Scene 15 - Melissa runs out on Billy (1060K)


Episode 2475

Scene 3 - Billy asks for Mal's advice (2130K)
Scene 8 - Libby finds out that Billy tried to have sex with Melissa (1480K)
Scene 10 - Billy tries to contact Melissa (1360K)

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