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Multimedia > Neighbours Trailers Encoded by Karl and Callum

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7 Network: 1985 Trailer

Very rare trailer from when Neighbours aired on the 7 Network in 1985.
Courtesy of Troy Walters
Channel Ten: 1986 Coming Soon Trailer

A rare trailer for the show's debut on its new network.
Courtesy of James Paterson of The Australian Television Archive.
Channel Ten: 1986 Starts Monday Trailer

Shown the week before the show debut on its new network
Courtesy of James Paterson of The Australian Television Archive.
Channel Ten: Clive's Arrival Trailer

Channel Ten: Terry's Suicide Trailer

Channel Ten: Gail's Hypnosis Trailer

Channel Ten: Richmond Hill Trailer

Channel Ten: Adam's Arrival Trailer - 1

Channel Ten: Adam's Arrival Trailer - 2

Courtesy of James Paterson of The Australian Television Archive.

BBC: Karl and Sarah 1998 Trailer

BBC: Libby, Mike and Drew 1999 Trailer

BBC: March 2001 Trailer

BBC: Libby & Drew's Wedding Trailer

BBC: Madge's Cancer Trailer

Channel Ten: 2001 Season Finale Trailer

BBC: Libby's Baby Drama Trailer
Voice Over: Hayley Long

Seriously Ten: Madeleine West
Seriously Ten: Holly Valance
Seriously Ten: Delta Goodrem
Seriously Ten: Group 1
Seriously Ten: Group 2

Channel Ten: Episode 4000 Trailer

BBC: Episode 4000 Trailer

BBC: July 2002 Trailer - Female Version

BBC: July 2002 Trailer - Male Version

Channel Ten: Rosie's Departure Trailer

Channel Ten: Darcy's Departure Trailer

BBC: Dee and Toadie's Wedding Trailer - 1

BBC: Dee and Toadie's Wedding Trailer - 2 (570k)
Voice Over: Hayley Long


Channel Ten: Izzy's Arrival Trailer

Channel Ten: Two Big Weeks 20th Anniversary Trailer

Channel Ten: 20 Years 20th Anniversary Trailer

Annalise's Anniversary Documentary

Channel Ten: Stuart & Sindi's Wedding trailer

Channel Ten: Sindi's Departure trailer

Channel Ten: Ned's Arrival trailer

Channel Ten: Elle's Arrival trailer

Channel Ten: The Plane Crash trailer

Channel Ten: Izzy's Departure trailer

Channel Ten: New Faces
Channel Ten: New Faces Long Version

Channel Ten: Kerry's Birth trailer

Channel Ten: 2006 Finale week trailer

Channel Ten: Lolly & Ringo's Arrivals trailer

Channel Ten: Max's Trial trailer

Channel Ten: Stingray's Operation trailer

Channel Ten: Izzy's Return trailer

Channel Ten: 19-23 March trailer

Channel Ten: Stingray's Death trailer

Channel Ten: 26-30 March trailer

Channel Ten: London trailer 1

Channel Ten: London trailer 2

Channel Ten: 7-11 May trailer

Channel Ten: 14-18 May trailer

Channel Ten: Episode 5262 trailer

A Change Is Coming: Long Version
A Change Is Coming: Short Version

Rebecca's Arrival

Susan's MS Diagnosis

Move to Five: Trailer - 10 Second Version 1
Move to Five: Trailer - 10 Second Version 2
Move to Five: Trailer - Elle Short Version
Move to Five: Trailer - 50 Second Version
Move to Five: Trailer - Commercial Version 1
Move to Five: Trailer - Commercial Version 2

Five ECP Promotion - Version 1
Five ECP Promotion - Version 2

Five - Galahs - Marco and Carmella
Five - Galahs - Toadie and Valda

Now On Five Trailer - Long Version

Five Life Omnibus Trailer

Five April 2008 Trailer

Channel Ten: Sam & Ty's Arrivals

Five Harold's Departure Trailer

Channel Ten: Nicola & Sienna's Arrivals

Channel Ten: School Formal

Channel Ten: Chris Knight

Channel Ten: The Bushfire

Channel Ten: Marco's Death

Channel Ten: Nicola's Arrest

Channel Ten: Who Is Pregnant?

Channel Ten: Sam's Return

Channel Ten: Carmella's Departure

Channel Ten: 2008 Finale Trailer

Channel Ten: Cass Freedman Arrives

Channel Ten: We Heart Harold
Channel Ten: Harold's Exit

Channel Ten: Dan and Libby's Wedding

Channel Ten: Sass' Departure

Channel Ten: Guy's Return

Channel Ten: The Robinson Family Secret

Bridget's Death

Elle's Departure

NEW! 2009 Season Finale

NEW! 2010 Season Promo

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